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Tel : +62-21-8997 0350
HP : +62-857 1673 0130
WhatsApp : +62-8119 202 383
WeChat ID : sfwong111

Ruko Notredame Blok G No. 19,
Deltamas, Cikarang Pusat,
Bekasi 17530, West Jawa,

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Supplier - Marine Paint, Protective Coating, Construction Materials

Honesty, Integrity, Reliability and Quality Workmanship

PT. Findotek is a construction company and supplier based in Indonesia.

Our workmen team is experienced in constructing various concrete floors, including superflat floor, floor hardener finish and also repair of old concrete floors.

PT. Findotek also supplies various industrial materials and parts, including :

1) floor hardeners from ABC Shokai Japan;
2) Hempel Paint : antifouling, epoxy coating, marine paint

Marine Paint Rust Bullet : superior anti corrosion protection coating, galvanized paint

 4) International Paint : marine & protecting coatings

 5) PPG Sigma Paint : marine, protective and fireproofing coatings;

 6) Transcoat Paint : underwater coating, self levelling epoxy; 

 7) Chugoku Paint : various high quality & economical marine paint;

 8) Oil purifiers from GLW Purifiner Singapore : protect engines and prolong oil useful life span;

 9) Macko Fuel Purifier; Water Oil Separator; GLW Oil Purifier : removes contaminants effectively from fuel & oil; separates oil from bilge water;
10) Rust Inhibitor (cat anti karat) : offer superior protection for steel and concrete;

11) Jotun Paint : offer lasting protection to metal & timber; heat resistance paint up to 1000 C; chemical resistant paint; cold resistant paint down to -196 C; fireproofing coating, intumescent fireproofing;

Rust Remover (penghilang karat) : neutral pH liquid that removes rust speedily;

13) Concrete Steel Fiber (serat baja beton, serat kawat beton) : steel fibers to replace rebar for better concrete performance and reduce cracks;

14) Powerful stain remover - Premium Kleen Surface : remove stubborn stain from metal surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, chrome, silver, ceramic & glass.

Please inform us your industrial needs in Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, & Singapore for us to submit proposals.


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                    PT Findotek

                    Ruko Notredame Blok G No. 19,
                    Kota Deltamas, Cikarang Pusat,
                    Bekasi 17530, West Jawa,
                    Tel : +62-21-8997 0350
                    SMS / WhatsApp : +62-8119 202 383
                    WeChat ID : sfwong111
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